• Image of Phoukham earrings
  • Image of Phoukham earrings

Matte silver-coloured earrings handmade in Ban Napia, Laos, from scrap metal (possibly including bomb casings, and mostly aluminium, making them extremely lightweight).
Due to their size and shape, the Phoukham earrings are only available as clip-ons.
The base section is 4.5cm from the top point to the bottom. The two top dangles are about 2.25cm long and the two bottom dangles are about 2.75cm long.
AUD$71 (price includes postage and handling for orders in Australia)

These earrings were named after Phoukham (Kham for short), whose family lives just metres from Kommaly Chanthavong's. Phoukham is heavily involved in the running of Kommaly's fair trade business, Mulberries, and has been very helpful managing some of the logistics for Wilderness Bazaar.